Development History

The development of Jia jue:
In 1999 the establishment of Jiajue Motor, started manufacturing scooters.
In 2001 to invest 50000 RMB registered brand, has its own brand "Jia jue".
2003 had invited international famous film star Zhang Ziyi as JiaJue Image Spokesperson, after years, Jia Jue delelop fastly and become a Chinese scooter  leader in the market share.
In 2005, Jia Jue brand is named "Zhejiang famous brand" and "Zhejiang Province outstanding manufacturers"etc very much honours in the coming years.
In 2006 with Italy the "Bullia" company start cooperation on the techology ,JiaJue have jumped to the European quality testing standards.
JiaJue 2007 investment in the mining industry on the development that Jia Jue forward into company diversitication strategy.
Jia Jue 2008 opened two new subsidiary, a Guangzhou based car be a knight. One in Chongqing to make a curved beam. After all these years, JiaJue brand is make known to every family.
In 2009 Jiajue disturbing workshop, office building, update the assembly line, the introduction of some advanced equipment; electric bicycle as a new industry is also being developed, Suzuki an125.the same time,Jiajue adopt the exporting strategy and reaserch&design 3 new model scooter,Matador,Virtuality and Ardour model. These models are so popular by international market and gain the reputation and market share in the global market step by step.
In 2012 Jiajue start to march into the sport motorcycle and develop a series of very sporty and amusement fun motorcycle,and it is greatly abundant the products line and start a new era of personalized,amusement motorcycle.
Now Jiajue and Joyrace brand are very well known in the world and but we believe Jiajue will do better in the coming furture.