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The Mid Autumn Festival will highlight the company’s energy

2008 the mid autumn night, the uninvited guest "senlac" patronize southeast coastal, driven by wind the clouds obscured the sea the moon "charming scenery -- this is non human phenomena. However, Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. employees in the hearts of the "Moon" but with the Mid Autumn Festival Gala opening music sounded and gradually rises, the hearts of everyone a bright, a mass of warm... In the evening of the 15th day of the eighth lunar month seven, just the end of the afternoon show tug - of - war between the power of unity and convergence eat together after mid autumn festival reunion dinner more than 500 employees, order methodically sit in the workshop modified by temporary "performing arts hall", enthusiastically participate in hosted by the labor union of the company's annual "Jia Jue Mid Autumn Festival party", they are not only the audience, is also an actor. Workshops and departments early prepared their specialty programs, blowing, pull, playing, singing, dancing, big talent show, people in enjoy performing, and often aroused cheerful bursts of applause and pen. Interspersed to show quiz lottery activities of hefty bonuses and prizes (the biggest prize 1 car "Jia Jue" brand electric vehicle) is the climax of the people's enthusiasm toward the party, we are immersed in the happy holiday. Well prepared employees of 22 episodes continued to more than 10 points, a picture of Jia Jue pleasant life, happy joy figure. The company specially from the district general trade unions and the Luqiao street to act as judges of the professional score more cause all performance or non performance of the people's attention. The jury relatively objective and fair scoring, 1 first prize, three second prize, five third prize winners happily received the company issued a certificate and funds. Jia Jue company held a mid autumn Festival this year is the seventh. This is not a simple sing and dance, party is only a carrier, but is it reflects the people-centered business philosophy and condensed people of the corporate culture. Over the years, Jia Jue company staff is relatively stable, for several consecutive years of production and sales of over billion yuan, profits and taxes of over tens of millions of operating performance, it should be said that the enthusiasm of the calendar year, "Mid Autumn Festival party" to stimulate the majority of employees in which the role must not be underestimated.

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