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Jia Jue Window Opened Our Own Newspapers.

In order to give full play to the all of the resources advantage, promote people's awareness of the company, intensify supervision efforts, to further expand our knowledge, and continuously improve product quality and visibility, after careful preparation, which belongs to the birth of Jia Jue employees own version -- "Jia Jue window"! Since mid October, in 66 continuously and continuously preparatory work under, "Jia Jue window" the 1st period so opened a veil of its mysterious and cordial, said it is mysterious, because it is Jia Jue the newspaper; it is warm, because it is based Yu Jiajue, "Jia Jue" one's own business, so that we can further view window and understand Jia Jue the global trends of. I hope that we can support and actively contribute!